Extend access control wirelessly with CLIQ®

Our network of trusted partner OEMs and CLIQ integrators help you add key-operated access control to almost any door with CLIQ locking technology.

With a range of wireless locks and padlocks for many applications, CLIQ is the right choice to extend the reach of access control wirelessly — with battery-powered, key-operated locking.

Thanks to seamless integration with the CLIQ Web Manager, security administrators continue to manage everything from the integrated, familiar OEM control panel.

The following companies have already integrated CLIQ with their access control and security management solutions.

Genetec Security Center

CLIQ wireless locking integrates Security Center from Genetec Inc., a technology provider of unified security, public safety, operations, and business intelligence solutions. Integration via the CLIQ Plugin enables anyone using Genetec Security Center 5.7 and up to deploy CLIQ key-operated wireless locks and padlocks at their sites; assign rules for cardholders granting additional access via CLIQ devices; and program CLIQ intelligent keys with fine-grained access rules.

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