TESA-HOTEL software is the platform between we are going to program and manage the closure plan of our installation monitoring from one point all the devices.

The features of the software are the following:

-Guests Check-in, pre check-in, check-out.
-MULTIPLE CARDS: in all the locks, except Donna magnetic stripe lock
-Extension of the guest stays through the updater.
-Guest grants modification and guest stay extension in the Rooms Rack
-Master cards for the hotel staff and also copies of the cards.
-Express Cancellation: a single lock cancellation eliminates the user´s access in premises, once the user has been removed from the locking plan.
-Cards reading: identification of the users.
-Audit trail: Total control of every opening/closing registered in the locks, cylinders, wall readers and safes.
-Special cards: Door blocking card, programming card, fail safe card, guest cancelling card, high traffic cancelling card, Safe lost PIN card and safes master card.
-Pc to lock: USB Portable Programmer.


-Collection and visualization  of all the events generated in the locks, through the PP, UPDATER  or WIRELESS.
-The use of the mechanical cylinder gets registered.
-Wireless Alarms:
-Wandering Intruder: It’s activated since 3 rejets of the same card in less than   1 hour time.
-Standing Intruder: It’s activated since 3 rejets of different cards in the same   lock in less than 1hour time.
-Alarms warning with the Updater Wall reader:
-Open door
-Close door
-Auditor: The register of every operation perfomed by the software.


-Openings registration (Recogida de aperturas)
-Update on time
-Opening from the software
-Activation of the passage mode