Przerywniki inteligentne


The TESA intelligent energy saving device controls and manages the electric installation of the room. It allows switching on the electricity in the room after inserting a valid card and during the time that the card is in the energy saving device. It runs with hotel cards and it can distinguish among cards of different guests, apart from the staff cards.

Possibility to use different technologies: Magnetic stripe or RFID proximity technology under ISO 14443A   standards. It is managed with the same cards the guest uses to accede to the rooms. It has two independent relays that can endure 12Amp (each one). It replaces any key, or switch that is already installed, and allows having different series of room management options.

Energy saving: It reduces the electricity consumption in occupied rooms and it assures that  there  is  no  electricity  consumption  when  the  room is empty.

Comfort:   Luminous LED point for an easier insertion of the card in the darkness; when the guest leaves the room and removes the card, electricity is  automatically switched off.

Timing:  it allows a “courtesy time” from the moment the guest removes the  card. Optionally without timing.
Intelligent: It operates only with the cards of your hotel, it doesn´t operate with any other type of card that is outside of the system of your hotel.