DONNA Magnetic


Magnetic strip Donna lock. Security and flexibility.


Magnetic strip: The most widely employed, and the most functional technology. Efficient (it supplies basic access control for the whole hotel) and cost efficient (due to the low cost of the cards).
Encrypted encoding of data onto the card.
Possibility to encode ISO codes in 1 and 2 tracks of the card to integrate it with other applications.
Lost cards can be easily and securely cancelled.


Latch with 17mm projection, therefore above the maximum degree established by the EN UNE 12209 standard.
Optional: ADB lock with automatic deadbolt projection: the deadbolt is always projected automatically, double security.
The handle turns freely when access is not authorized.
Optional: hidden emergency cylinder.
Optional: with keypad.
EXTREME (optional): waterproof model capable of resisting all climatic conditions.
The lock is protected by sealing joints; its parts come with an anticorrosion finish, tropicalized circuits, an internal draining system, CM, CR, PVD finishes, etc.