SPY Proximity / Wireless


Spy Proximity, the ideal lock for any installation.


It solves the awkward reading mistakes frequent with the traditional contact chip systems.
The credential that opens the door can come in different formats: a card, a watch, a wristband, etc.
Reading and Writing Locks (R/W).
Combined with the Wall Reader Updater, it creates a virtual online network in the hotel with no need to wire the doors.
Self programming locks, ideal for small installations, because no management devices are required (encoder, portable programmer, software, etc.)
EXTREME (optional): waterproof model capable of resisting all climatic conditions.
The lock is protected by sealing joints; its parts come with an anti-corrosion finish, tropicalized circuits, watertight wiring ducts, finishes in Chrome, PVD, etc.
Compatible with NFC mobile phones (Near Field Communications).