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Hotel, guest house, SPA, office - various sizes and functions of facilities mean that the choice of appropriate locks is not always easy. The LOB offer includes electronic hotel locks and a master key system. It has been designed to fully satisfy the expectations of our clients.

Electronic Hotel Locks

Electronic hotel locks are ideal in conditions of frequent changes in authorization. Systems offered by LOB belong to the offline category. All authorization data is recorded on a proximity card, which performs the role of a key. Authorization data is recorded cards via a USB encoder and software installed at the reception. When a card is held close to the lock, its authorization is checked and compared with the settings of the lock. If the parameters are correct, the lock opens the passageway. The card's validity expires when the guest's visit ends. A lost card can be removed from the system at any time. Because of the dispersion of the decision-making functions, no communication wiring is necessary, as it does not function well in a hotel environment. Because door locks are battery-powered, the system is more resilient to power cuts and is cheaper to maintain.

The electronic system gives the guests a sense of security, provides better working conditions for the management of facility, improves the standard of the facility and as a result generates more income. The electronic system additionally features the function of registration of events for the purposes of gathering of evidence, a "do not disturb" function, optional access to additional premises (SPA zone, car park), and cooperates with the system of management of reservations and clients.

Master Key System

Key locked doors are a good way of protecting a room for the duration of a guest's visit, under the condition that the key cannot be easily reproduced. LOB offers locks which operate on the principles of the Master Key System , and are based on a factory patented profile which is not available on the open market. These types of locks are fully secure. Nevertheless, if a guest loses a key, the cylinder must be replaced with a spare and the main cylinder lock must be delivered for re-programming. This solution is useful in the case of guest rooms in relatively small buildings (up to several rooms). It is nevertheless widely used in office and administration zones of all types of buildings, even the biggest ones.

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LOB offers the support of qualified specialists during the entire investment process. We can help our clients to answer the following question: How do we choose a locking system suitable for a building on the basis of its specifications. We assist our Clients in cooperation with the door manufacturers, we can start up and configure the system and train the hotel staff - our Clients have the support of our qualified specialists at all times.

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