Service and Claims

The service department provides technical assistance and assistance in the process of claiming of mechatronic products (access control, electronic hotel locks)

The service is open on week days (Mon. - Fri.) between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Contact information:
Piotr Ptaszyński, phone No. +48 666 050 729
Mateusz Magnus, phone No. +48 666 050 719
Adrian Szczepaniak, phone No. +48 606 788 327

Technical Support
During its working hours the service department provides payable technical support services.

Service price list:
- single telephone assistance call regarding lock programming - 50 PLN (+VAT),
- single remote desktop service (connection via Teamviewer) - 100 PLN (+VAT),
- training for receptionists - 990 PLN (+VAT) + traveling costs.
Ordering of services:

Warranty, Post-Warranty Services and Service Request
Please contact our service to establish a sequence of actions. If it is necessary to send a product for repair, please fill in the Service Request form and attach it to the package. During the warranty period you must also attach a copy of the purchase invoice or provide its number. 

Packages sent without a Service Request form will be returned to sender at his own cost. We do not accept cash on delivery packages.

Please read the Warranty and Technical Support Conditions for Mechatronic Products.

Service Department Adress:
LOB Master Key Sp. z o.o.
"Mechatronic servicing"
ul. Magazynowa 4, 64-100 Leszno