LOB Master Key System

The Master Key system is a technical/structural solution, which allows each system user to open all accessible premises with a single key. In this system each key has an individually defined authorization level: it can open one, several or all rooms. It may simultaneously consist of door locks, cylinder locks, padlocks and cam locks, depending on the needs.

This system is suitable for small, medium and big companies, for tourist and rehabilitation facilities, housing cooperatives, commercial facilities, offices, administration and public utility buildings, and everywhere where there is is necessary to provide access to numerous lockable rooms.

The advantages of the Master Key system include:

  • Assurance of mechanical access control to buildings and rooms,
  • Assurance of safety in emergency situations
  • which require immediate access to rooms (for example in the event of fire),
  • Comfort - each user can use a single key, which means easy and full control of key administration,
  • Prevents uncontrolled duplication of keys (LOB key profiles are registered with the Patent Office pending 2035),
  • Flexible construction of individual system structures.