Check-in by PIN


An automated secure check-in solution for hotels without 24-hour reception service

TESA Hotel’s Check-In by PIN solution enables guests to access their room when reception staff are not present. It is the perfect solution for small hotels or apartment rentals which — for reasons of cost or logistics — do not have a 24-hour reception.

Working with TESA Hotel’s i-max Wireless Lock with Keypad, the system automatically sends the guest an email with a keypad PIN code to access their room, plus the date and time of entry and exit. The PIN code automatically expires on scheduled check-out. It can be valid for opening the guestroom and authorized common doors at the premises.

It is also possible to send an Openow virtual key, allowing a guest to open doors securely and conveniently with their smartphone.

Hotel staff can be issued with their own PIN codes to unlock relevant doors.

The main features of TESA Hotel Check-in by PIN are:

  • Quick and easy installation with no wiring needed
  • Real-time door control via secure wireless network
  • Encrypted communications and real-time reporting
  • Email alerts for low battery, intrusion, door open and more