Turn every guest’s smartphone into a key for their room or services. Maximum comfort for guests, big savings for hotels

TESA Hotel’s Openow solution makes it possible to manage every access into and around your hotel with a smartphone. Valid for both guests and staff, it enables smartphone access to more than just guestroom doors. Locks for common areas, parking, the spa or gym may be opened with Openow technology.

For travellers, the Openow process is simple:

  1.     Guest downloads Openow app and registers via email
  2.     Guest receives their room assignment and virtual key
  3.     Key automatically expires when the guest booking ends

Openow also speeds up the check-in and check-out process for guests, because there is no need to collect a key-card at reception or return it on departure.

For hotel managers, this unique solution provides real-time updates on every authorized access, any failed unlocking attempts, lock battery levels, doors left open and intrusion. Hotel staff can change the access rights of virtual keys when they choose.

The main features of TESA Hotel’s Openow mobile solution include:

  • Send, revoke and update virtual keys in real time
  • Save costs on physical cards or a 24-hour reception
  • Change the guest’s room or checkout time remotely
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting plastics use
  • Personalize the app with your hotel name or brand