LOB C003 electronic escutcheon (EZC3M-18)

The LOB C003 electronic escutcheon allows the user to control door access using a PIN code or a proximity card. It replaces a door handle and cooperates with LOB mechanical locks and with most other mechanical door locks.

LOB C003 is ideal for passages with low or medium traffic intensity, where access control of entering persons is required. Those passages may include doors such as a door to an office room door or to a rented apartment. The advantages of the LOB C003 lock include easy installation and a wide range of access control settings.

Main features and characteristics:

  • Opened with a PIN code or proximity card, or with a PIN code & proximity card combination.
  • Opened with a single-use code
  • Permanently open in specified hours (weekly calendar)
  • Unrestricted passage in specified hours (conference mode)
  • Blocking code for all users
  • Access restricted for a time period defined individually for each user (from date to date, to the nearest minute)
  • Illuminated keyboard
  • Easy installation
  • Hermetic housing resistant to water splash and dust
  • Battery powered (4 LR6 "AA" batteries)


Stainless steel, plastic

Dimensions of escutcheon

157 x 69.5 mm (L x W), excl. handle

Door thickness

35 mm .. 50 mm


7 mm

Working temperature

-20 .. +55 °C

Relative humidity

15% .. 93%

Mechanical life

> 100 000 cycles

Power source

6 V, 4 LR6 "AA" batteries

Battery life

> 10 000 cycles

Low voltage indication

4.8 V (±0.2 V)

Power consumption

< 20 µA in standby mode

RFID standard

ISO/IEC 14443

Range of proximity card

up to 2 cm

Entry time

appr. 6 seconds


Ordering indexes:


LOB C003 RF independent escutcheon+keyb., silver, left


LOB C003 RF independent escutcheon+keyb., silver, right


Proximity card for independent locks LOB C003 and RF, LOB logo


Proximity card for independent locks LOB C003 and RF, white


Proximity keyring for independent locks LOB C003 and RF


Latch lock, 7 mm spindle, 60-70mm backset to LOB C003 lock


Spindle with 7/8 adapter for LOB RF/C003