Seos® Mobile ID

Seos is a HID Global technology, developed as a common standard that establishes privacyand trust in the communication of secure identity data on physical cards, smartphones, tabletsand wearables.

The Seos-capable Enterprise applications encompasses solutions for a broad and growingrange of use cases, including PC login and authentication to IT systems, secure print jobcollection, automated vending, building access, opening door locks, elevator access, parkingaccess, and time and attendance management. HID Global will continue to expand thesolutions of Seos-interoperable products and services.

Seos technology is chip-independent, enabling easy porting across a variety of hardwaredevices of different manufacturing origin. Most importantly, Seos enables a smart device tobecome a trusted credential, replacing mechanical keys and access cards, to open doors inhomes, hotels, offices, hospitals, universities, and industrial and commercial buildings. Seostechnology has been widely adopted, and powers HID Mobile Access and HID Global’s iCLASSSE platform.