Door closer with Cam-Motion® technology with electro-mechanical hold oprn device, smoke dedector and integrated mechanical door coordinator, non-hinge side

Product description

  • Door closer with Cam-Motion® technology with electro-mechanical hold-open device, smoke detector and integrated mechanical door coordinator for double leaf doors, DIBt approval Z-6.500-2364
  • DIBt approval Z-6.500-2364
  • Mechanical door coordinator in continuous guide rail
  • Smoke switch with contamination indicator and alarm threshold monitoring
  • Integrated 230 V power supply
  • All components fully integrated into continuous guide rail
  • Fulfils barrier-free building requirements (DIN 18040 / CEN TR 15894)
  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors with a hinge distance between 1430 mm and 2500 mm

Overview of Advantages

  • Door coordinator based on wedge system
  • Regular mounting on non-hinge side, can be used for left and right-handed doors
  • Optical smoke detector after scattered light principle
  • Status displayed on LED: operational mode, alarm, maintenance
  • Integrated potential-free alarm relay
  • Can be activated by a fire alarm system
  • Connectivity for manual release buttons and ceiling smoke detectors
  • Electro-mechanical hold-open device
  • Continuously adjustable holding force
  • Traversable arrestor point, continuously adjustable between approx. 80°-110°
  • Flush or surface installation of wiring possible, 230 V AC
  • For doors with panic function in conjunction with the driving flap A102
  • Symmetric and asymmetric door partition possible, minimum width of the inactive leaf = 400 mm
  • Door opening angle up to approx. 120°, maximum opening angle limited
  • Guide rail height adjustable by 2 mm for tolerance
  • Axis continuously height adjustable up to 14 mm
  • Closing speed, latching speed and backcheck adjustable via front facing regulating valves
  • Variable adjustable closing force
  • Thermodynamic valves for consistent performance
  • Effective backcheck and latching speed range adjustable
  • Standard colours: silver EV1, white similar to RAL9016, stainless steel design
  • Customised finishes available on request


  • Guide rail G-CO-CS
  • Facts for door closer see DC700

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The advantages at a glance
Project planners
  • Extensive range of uses: fire, smoke protection and standard doors (with issuance of DIBt approval)
  • Modern design
  • Compact design
  • Hold-open device is traversable
  • Mechanical door coordinator for optimum functional reliability
  • Harmonious appearance thanks to smoke detector fully integrated into guide rail
  • Simple, rapid installation and adjustment
  • Symmetrical drilling template
  • Can be used for left and right handed doors for standard mounting on non-hinge side
  • Adjustable to nearly all door and frame types
  • Optimum reliability and service life for door coordinator
  • Reduced inventory costs due to modular product range
  • Automatic alarm reset
  • Status displayed on LED: operational mode, alarm, maintenance
  • Adjustable operating force, to meet door construction requirements and user need
  • Optimum usage convenience thanks to controlled closing of door in correct order
Technical data
Rated current consumption 2 x ca. 75 mA
Required power supply 230 V supply voltage
Continous duty 100%
Suitable for fire doors Yes
Class of protection IP 20
Max. door opening angle ca. 120°
General technical approval as Arrester system Z-6.500-2364
Certified in compliance with EN 1155/1158
CE marking for building products Yes
Length Depending on the hing distance
Height 30 mm
Depth 61 mm