Free-Motion® door closer system for double-leaf doors with free-swing function on the active leaf, starting from a door release angle of 1°, Cam-Motion® door closer (DC700) on the inactive leaf

Product description

  • Free-Motion® door closer for double leaf doors with free-swing function on the active leaf, starting from a door opening angle of 1°, Cam-Motion® door closer on the inactive leaf with integrated door coordinator and smoke detector
  • DIBt as a hold-open system Z-6.500-2364
  • Tested in accordance with EN 1155/1158
  • Mechanical door coordinator in continuous guide rail
  • Fulfils barrier-free building requirements (DIN 18040 / CEN TR 15894)
  • Smoke switch with contamination indicator and alarm threshold monitoring
  • Fulfils barrier-free-requirement (EA / CEN TR 15894)
  • Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors with a hinge distance between 1400 and 2500 mm (3200 mm)

Overview of Advantages

  • Easy, initial door opening due to the rapidly decreasing opening force. When active, the free-swing function enables permanent opening of the door without the resistance of the door closer
  • The active leaf remains freely movable and is automatically closed only in case of fire by the integrated smoke switch with the switching off of the supply voltage, the inactive leaf is self-closing and closes automatically after each opening process
  • Integrated door selector for closing of the doors in the correct sequence in all operating modes
  • Optical smoke detector according to the scattered light principle, status indication by LED: operating mode, alarm, error
  • Connection possibility for manual release button – mandatory according to the DIBt approval in Germany – and additional smoke detector
  • Guide rail height adjustable by 2 mm for tolerance
  • Opening angle up to 170°
  • Axis continuously height adjustable up to 14 mm
  • Variable adjustable closing force
  • Thermodynamic valves for consistent performance
  • Effective latching speed range adjustable
  • Standard colours: silver EV1, white similar to RAL9016, stainless steel design
  • Customised finishes available on request


  • G-CO-FMS guide rail
  • Facts for door closer see DC700G-FM

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The advantages at a glance
Project planners
  • Extensive range of uses: Fire and smoke protection doors as well as standard doors
  • Modern design
  • Hold-open device is traversable
  • Mechanical door coordinator for optimum functional reliability
  • Harmonious appearance thanks to smoke detector fully integrated into guide rail
  • Fulfils barrier-free building requirements (EA / CEN TR 15894)
  • One drilling template overall
  • Simple, rapid installation and adjustment
  • Can be used for left and right handed doors for standard mounting on hinge side
  • Adjustable to nearly all door and frame types
  • Optimum reliability and service life for door coordinator
  • For doors with a door width up to 1,400 mm
  • Pre-assembled component modules for quick installation
  • Reduced inventory costs due to modular product range
  • Automatic alarm reset
  • Status displayed on LED: operational mode, alarm, maintenance
  • Optimum usage convenience thanks to controlled closing of door in correct order
  • Free-swing function starting from a door opening angle ≥ 0°. Easy door opening without the resistance of the door closer, is approved for use on fire doors
Technical data
Rated current consumption Ca. 100mA
Required power supply 230 V supply voltage
Continous duty 100% ED
Suitable for fire doors Yes
Class of protection IP 20
General technical approval as Arrester system Z-6.500-2364
Certified in compliance with EN 1158
Length Depending on the hing distance
Height 30 mm
Depth 61 mm