E mortise lock for LOB 5500 escutcheon (HXZ-5E)

The LOB 5500 escutcheon can be supplemented with a dedicated "E" type mortise lock with sensors. The above set will provide the additional "do not disturb" function, the door left open alarm and will record the use of the mechanical key in its memory. This configuration is recommended if a new door is also installed together with the hotel system.

The "do not disturb" function is activated by a momentary raising of the internal handle when is the door closed. The lock extends an additional bolt of the strength of 6000 N and deactivates the room maid's card. The manager's card and the cards of other guests registered in the room are allowed to open the door.

The lock is provided with an anti-theft function, which eliminates the possibility of pressing the latch when the door is closed. This function improves the lock's resistance to burglary, especially in case of non-rebated doors.

A dedicated mortise lock is available in a fire resistant EI30 version.

Backset: 62 mm
Handle distance: 85 mm
Face plate: 20 x 235 mm

Ordering indexes:


E mortise lock (5500) left, internal, w/o fire protection


E mortise lock (5500) right, internal, w/o fire protection


E mortise lock (5500) left, external, w/o fire protection


E mortise lock (5500) right, external, w/o fire protection


Fire-proof option for E lock (5000 series)