LOB 5500 Adel electronic escutcheon (HZ55MS-18)

The LOB 5500 system offers door locks in the form of electronic escutcheons (overlays), which can be supplemented with a system-based mechanical lock with sensors.

The LOB 5500 escutcheon is designed for door installation. It can be also mounted on existing doors. The escutcheon compares authorization data stored on the card held near the scanner and, upon confirming their conformity, couples the handle with the spindle of the mortise door lock. When the door is locked, the handle can move freely, but cannot open the door. The escutcheon uses a durable coupling and handle mounting system. It is therefore suitable for installation in doors experiencing high traffic intensity, as well as in EI30 fire doors (optionally).

The escutcheon stores any opening attempts in its memory. Upon the transfer of this data to the software, a list of events can be created for a specific user card or for a specific door, in order to serve as evidence.

The escutcheon is powered by standard AA batteries. A low battery status is indicated well in advance. If necessary a 9V battery can be connected to contacts situated in the lower section of the housing, alternatively a mechanical key can be used.

Available finish

silver satin


55.5 x 300 x 33 mm (W x H x D), excl. handle

Standard door thickness

included in standard delivery: 40-45 mm

Door thickness range

bolts and insert selected for: 35 – 75 mm


7.5 mm

Working temperature

0 … 50 °C

Power source

6 V (4 LR6 "AA" batteries)

Low battery voltage indication

< 4.5 V, special sound signal

Power consumption in standby mode

< 120 µA

Battery life

appr. 15 000 openings

Type of proximity card

RFID, factory DES coded

Events memory

828 events

Fire resistance classification

EI30 (optional)


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LOB 5500 RF hotel electronic escutcheon, chrome satin