Mechanical mortise lock (Z755BF-50-00)

The LOB 5500 escutcheon has to be supplemented with a mechanical lock mounted in the door leaf. The Z755BF lock has a stainless steel faceplate and gives the door a required appearance.

The lock is classified as EI30.

If the "do not disturb" function and door monitoring are required, a dedicated E lock needs to be installed.

Backset: 55 mm
Handle distance: 72 mm
Face plate: 20 x 235 mm
Spindle: 8 mm

Ordering indexes:


72/55 lock, 20 inox face, without striker, EI30, adaptable


72 mm angled striker, adaptable, zinc-coated


72 mm angled striker, adaptable, zinc-coated, with short side and plastic insert


7/8 mm spindle adapter, 20mm long