LOB 8015 hotel electronic escutcheon (HZ81M-98)

The escutcheon compares authorization data stored on the card held near the scanner and, upon confirming their conformity, couples the handle with the spindle of the mortise door lock. When the door is locked, the handle can move freely, but cannot open the door. The internal handle always opens the door, allowing unrestricted exit from the room.

The escutcheon replaces a door handle and cooperates with LOB mechanical locks and with many other mechanical door locks. It can be also mounted on existing doors.

If a cylinder insert is installed in the door below the escutcheon, it constitutes a separate mechanical means of opening and closing of door with a key.

This escutcheon is recommended for small buildings with  several rooms. It allows the user to implement a hotel-style electronic system operated by a proximity card and to improve the standard of the facility at a low cost.

The escutcheons record several hundred of the most recent events (opening attempts and others). After the transfer of this data to the software, the user can view or print out the list of events.

Main features and characteristics:

  • Dedicated for the LOB 8000 system
  • Easy installation on existing doors
  • Hermetic housing resistant to water splash and dust
  • Battery powered (4 LR6 "AA" batteries)
  • Low battery voltage indication

Technical specifications:


Stainless steel, plastic

Dimensions of escutcheon

157 x 69.5 mm (L x W), excl. handle

Door thickness

35 mm – 70 mm


7 mm

Working temperature

-20 – +55 °C

Relative humidity

15% – 93%

Mechanical life

> 100 000 cycles

Power source

6 V, 4 LR6 "AA" batteries

Battery life

> 10 000 cycles

Low voltage indication

4.8 V (±0.2 V)

Power consumption

< 20 µA in standby mode

RFID standard

RFID, factory coded

Range of proximity card

up to 2 cm

The set includes:

  • an external escutcheon with scanner,
  • an internal escutcheon with battery container,
  • a spindle with 7/8 adapter (EAT78-C3),
  • a set of mounting elements.

Ordering indexes:


LOB 8015 RF hotel escutcheon, stainless steel L


LOB 8015 RF hotel escutcheon, stainless steel R