Cylinders, in cooperation with mortise locks, define the level of security of protected premises. The use of an appropriate cylinders affects the fluent and reliable operation of a mortise lock. The size of a cylinder consists of 2 elements, for example 30/30. It means that the distance between the face of the cylinder and the middle of the mounting screw hole is 30 mm and the distance between the middle of the mounting screw hole and the second face is also 30 mm.

The sizes of the cylinders range from 30 mm, with each next one 5mm bigger than the one before. From the safety point of view it is vital that the cylinder does not protrude by more than 3 mm beyond the escutcheon. If the cylinder is to be equipped with a knob, we must also define at which dimension this knob is to be installed, for example by adding the letter "G" next to the specific dimension - cylinder G30/35 (knob at dimension 30).

Our cylinder locks have all adequate test documentation and certification issued by the Institute of Precision Engineering and by the Building Research Institute.