Padlocks are commonly used security devices. Thanks to a wide range of sizes and types, they are suitable for a wide scope of applications. When choosing a padlock one must also consider the conditions in which it is going to operate. The LOB product range includes padlocks suitable for operation in variable atmospheric conditions. Such padlocks are equipped with appropriately installed seals that protect the mechanism against moisture.

LOB also offers burglar-proof padlocks characterized by safety grades certified via appropriate certificates by the Institute of Precision Engineering in Warsaw. When choosing a padlock, one must also take into consideration its planned location. If the gate or staples are too weak, any potential burglar will be able to break them away together with the padlock. Therefore we recommend the use of an anti-burglar padlock equipped with hasps, which effectively block the access to the shackle. This kind of protection is ideal for the protection of our property against burglary.