YETI XT rim lock (TA601)

Main features


Grade 7

Security code card


Available colors

brown, graphite, black, white

number of keys


Compatible with single-key systems


Compatible with Master Key systems



The lock is suitable for mounting on entrance doors to houses and apartments, wherever a high level of protection against burglary is needed, e.g. in shops, offices, warehouses, etc. The lock is adaptable and is suitable for mounting on left-hand and right-hand doors of the thickness between 38 and 70 mm. It has two deadbolts, and one of them is additionally strengthened against cutting with a steel rod. 

The structure of the Yeti lock has been tested by the Institute of Precision Engineering in Warsaw. Because the lock body has been encased inside an aesthetic and stylish housing, the lock blends in visually with almost any type of door.