50mm LOB self-latching rim lock (TZ51)

Main features



Security code card


Available colors

brown, graphite, white

number of keys


Compatible with single-key systems


Compatible with Master Key systems



The single-cylinder latch rim lock TZ51 is used as a supplementary lock to the main lock in doors which need to be latched automatically after being pushed open. It is suitable for all types of door panels of the thickness between 32 and 64 mm, in which a 30 mm hole for the cylinder insert can be drilled at a distance of 50 mm from the face of the mounted striker.

The TZ51 lock is equipped with a lock blocking mechanism. The latch can be blocked in two different positions using a knob:
- inside the lock body - open position,
- inside the door striker - closed position.

Upon the blocking of the lock from inside it is possible to open it from the other side using a key, and vice versa. In panel (non-glazed) doors we recommend the installation of locks with knobs.