BIZON key plate (MT21)

Most insurance companies specify the presence of appropriate metal elements that protect us against the effects of a break-in as a prerequisite for providing house insurance. LOB offers a perfect solution in the form of the burglar-proof Bizon key plate. The key plate is classified as grade 4 in terms of safety. It is ideal for the protection of a non-certified cylinder and provides additional protection to a certified burglar-proof cylinder. The Bizon key plate is suitable for flat-key cylinders. It features drill-proof and extraction-proof protection. It is mounted in a through-hole. Therefore the intrusion of the cylinder into the escutcheon of between 2 and 8 mm must be taken into account. The biggest advantage of the Bizon key plate is its simplicity, which nevertheless provides effective protection of the household.


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Grade 4

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cylinder (B)