Global solutions by market segment


For the first time on the security market, ASSA ABLOY, global leader in door opening solutions, is developing global solutions targeted to each type of application.

Ensuring the full security of any premises first requires careful and thorough planning. According to a recent study carried out by TNS-Sofrès for ASSA ABLOY's publication, Observatoire de la Sécurité, more than half of people surveyed in France (57%) consider security a  continuously growing problem, regardless of age bracket and socioeconomic status.

For the first time on the market, ASSA ABLOY, global leader in door opening solutions, has decided to offer global security solutions specifically adapted to the problems and demands of each individual establishment.

Easy-to-work-with solutions, meticulously designed for each specific use 

In response to strong market demand, and in ceaselessly adapting to new security challenges, standards, and regulatory changes, Assa Abloy is launching its offer of building-specific global security solutions, designed "to better serve the specifications."

Whether commercial or residential buildings, ASSA ABLOY offers case-by-case turnkey solutions that address  the need to strengthen security in healthcare institutions (clinics, hospitals, university hospital centers, etc.), schools (nursery, elementary, junior high, and high schools, and beyond), offices (organizations, office buildings, and others), industry (capital goods, consumer goods, and intermediate goods), stores (wholesale, retail, etc.), and housing (collective and individual).

An offer of complete solutions that include complementary brands 

ASSA ABLOY has a sector-specific approach and offers a very diverse and complementary range of door opening products.

This diversification of ASSA ABLOY's products and services responds to extremely varied, daily security demands by guaranteeing its customers solutions adapted to managing the most complex security issues at the highest level of effectiveness (people management, access control, and protection against break-ins), and in compliance with the standards and regulations in effect.

The ASSA ABLOY Prescription Approach

Thanks to a comprehensive study of the market's complexity through meetings with its customers and focus on anticipating their needs, ASSA ABLOY has chosen to set up a service specialized in coaching and supporting market players to define their security needs.

A team of 20 people with strong technical and technological knowledge closely follow both project management and prime contracting in planning their projects.

They provide customers with tailor-made, global security solutions based on individual concerns and taking into account specific data regarding space and traffic flow in their environments. Truly streamlined and simplified results that are crystal clear for market players!

For more complete information, contact the ASSA ABLOY prescription service